Amber – Published in Quiltmania Issue 121 – The Fabrics

Hello All,

I have been thrilled with the response & congratulations with the publication of Amber in Quiltmania Issue 121. This is the first time one of my designs has been featured in their beautiful magazine. I am hoping it is the first of many!

I have had many enquiries about the range of fabrics that I have used. When I started this quilt I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would be a pattern and on the cover of a magazine! I made it purely from my stash! Therefore some of the fabrics are quite old in today’s terms in the patchwork world. I will however share with you what information I have regarding them. I still have some fragments left. I don’t know how you will go getting them but maybe like me you have a stash that you can dig into!

I am also going to share with you currently available fabrics that I think would work!

The majority of this quilt was made using Jo Morton Fabrics produced by Andover. There are some Civil War Ladies by Pat Nickols for RJR.

SPECIAL NOTE: When purchasing fabrics for this quilt get a little bit more than listed in the pattern so that you have freedom with your fussy cutting!

Starting at the Centre:

The eight Kite shaped pieces were cut from a fabric range “Leesburg” pattern No 5857 which is dated 2012.

The Mustard coloured Diamond Shapes were cut from a fabric range “Leesburg” pattern No 5863 which is also dated 2012.

The fussy cut diamonds in the same row are cut from two different stripes in the same fabric. “Civil War Ladies”  by Pat L Nickols in 2010

The next row with the kite shapes was cut from a fabric range “Spice Market” pattern 6023 again dated 2012.

The fussy cut Kites on the outer edge was cut from a fabric range Leesburg pattern No 5856 dated 2012.

The mustard stripe on the outer ring is cut from a fabric range “Alexandria” pattern No 5684 dated 2011

For the Applique there are lots of Cheddars, Blacks and Rusts.


For the Border of the Quilt I used “Elizabeth Town” 5533R from 2011.


In researching this for you all I have found bits and pieces of these fabrics still available. Just Google the Range and the pattern numbers to see what you can find!

Some ranges available today that would be good to substitute! (all available on my website)!

Marmalade by Kathy Hall for Andover.


And Lampblack by Kathy Hall for Andover.


Also available is a template set for centre portion of the quilt. The Kite and the Diamond!. 

These can be used to rotary cut your pieces. They have lines for placement for Fussy Cutting. they also have sections where you can mark your stitching line for hand piecing. You can machine piece this using Y seams.

Also available is the magazine!


If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to see your quilts when they are done!

Regards, Maree





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