Cosmo Seasons Embroidery Thread

Feature of Seasons 5000’s
Colour-changing every 8 cm/3.14 inch. Colour-change with easy-to-use length is fun to pick for embroidery as well as non-stitching use. Well balanced colourway with gradation in similar colour ranges and multi-coloured variations makes itself versatile for a wide variety of customers. Available in 40 colours.

Feature of Seasons 8000’s
Gentle colour-gradation. Colours changed every 30 cm/11.81 inch is ideal for full-scale embroidery and large patterns. More naturally and beautifully to embroider sceneries of the four seasons. These 8000’s, the very first series of Seasons, has a wide range of pink and green colours most frequently selected for seasonal sceneries. Available in 80 colours.

Feature of Seasons 9000’s
Short and random colour-pitches. Colour-change with random pitches produces dynamic gradation in small motifs. Eye-catching vivid colourway is also suited for one-point stitching. Available in 20 colours.

You can find many conversion charts online to give you the Cosmo equivalent of most thread colours…… For example search ‘Cosmo to DMC Conversion’

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